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Rubber Expansion joints

Rubber expansion joints enable different types of piping to carry fluids under pressure at certain temperatures by compensating for vibrations and axial/angular displacements in an entirely flexible manner.

Benefits of using rubber expansion joints:

  • Reduction stresses due to thermal changes with axial, lateral and angular movements.
  • Absorption of vibrations and expansions/contractions of pipelines.
  • Attenuation noise from pumping fluids in pipes; they have a high acoustic damping capacity.
  • Minimal axial overall dimensions and limited weight.
  • Low deformation forces required
  • High fatigue and corrosion resistance.
  • No gaskets required for installation
  • EPDM, NBR, Hypalon bellow – nylon reinforcement mesh – temperatures: -10,
  • +80 °C, vacuum rings for negative pressure up to 660 mm Hg (0,88 bar), tie rods.

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