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Costruzione ricambi macchine industriali

Costruzione Ricambi Macchine Industriali was founded in 1968 - by the name of “Co.Ri.Ma. s.a.s.” - thanks to Alberto Colonna; an experienced designer who has been workig for decades, during his career, for important firms such as Alfa Romeo and Ingersoll Rand.
Mr. Colonna, specialized in design of compressed air systems for engines, offered to Co.Ri.Ma. s.a.s. customers his expertise with regard to replacement components for exhaust systems, expansion joints and industrial silencers, discovering subsequently new solutions for other components and making the manufacturing flexibility the key issue of the company. In 2002, after more than 30 years in the business, “Co.Ri.Ma. s.a.s.” changed its company name to “Costruzione Ricambi Macchine Industriali s.r.l.”.
Started as a family business, the company still exixts thanks to the devtion and the commitment of Mr. Colonna's daughter and grandchildren, who work every day enthusiastically making any necessary changing to the company, in order to improve it and keep it up to date with the new technologies.

Certification and quality

Certification and quality

The Quality System of Costruzione Ricambi Macchine Industriali is certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 directive.
The Quality System enables us to monitor and check our products during every construction phase making the origin of the materials trackable, in order to provide our clients with any certification needed. The certification of our Quality System allows to understand the high standard of attention that we put in our working processes.
Infact, the items that we produce run through visual and dimensional checks, both during their production and at the end of it. Moreover, in order to check the effectiveness of the welding, we carry out internal inspections through hydraulic/pneumatic test and penetrant liquids.
We verify our expansion joints' bellows sizing according to the standards required by the tenth edition of EJMA.

Ricambi Macchine Industriali Milano Certificato

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