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Metal anti-vibration joints

Costruzione Ricambi Macchine Industriali esigns and manufactures metal anti-vibration joints, which can be used when rubber ones cannot be used. Some types of implants are often subjected to strong vibrations. If the fluids passing through them have a high pressure (greater than 16 bar) and operating temperature (greater than 105 ° C), it is not possible to install rubber joints but the metal one is required.

The metal anti-vibration joints allow to attenuate the vibrations of systems or motors that subject the pipes to this type of stress. To be analyzed at the time of the request are the vibrations and the types of deviations that the joint must cushion (whether axial, lateral, angular or combined). It is therefore necessary to evaluate whether the best product to propose is an axial expansion compensator, a spherical lateral or a joint with the stocking or another type of product.


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Respect for the customer is fundamental for our company: for this reason we guarantee professionalism in the performance of our work and collaboration to create a customized product based on customer needs. We have no billing limit.


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