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Flexible metal pipes

Costruzione Ricambi Macchine Industriali s.r.l. manufactures flexible metal pipes. These elements are used to make various types of fluids flow by absorbing the movements and vibrations of the pipes to which they are applied, giving the system the flexibility it needs. Our range of products includes flexible corrugated tubing with parallel coils that are available both "bare" (ST, for liquids with very low operating pressures) and with AISI304 stainless steel socks made with a single / double stainless steel braid (CT for liquids with higher operating pressures) and can be supplied with the various terminal types. Our products also include single (for static applications such as coatings) and double pipes with or without seals, as required. At the customer's request, we can deliver double-crimped tubes with flanged, welded or notched clamps.


We also supply individual lengths of galvanized double-cranked pipes without a seal with an inner diameter of 20 mm to 115 mm - minimum order quantity: 1 meter


Guaranteed delivery and professionalism

Respect for the customer is fundamental for our company: for this reason we guarantee professionalism in the performance of our work and collaboration to create a customized product based on customer needs. We have no billing limit.


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