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industrial welding

Since 2002, the firm Costruzione Ricambi Macchine Industriali S.r.l. has been the inherited continuation of a previous Company, CO RI MA s.a.s., which was founded in 1968 in Milan by Alberto Colonna, based on the relevant experience he'd accrued in previous years, in Italy and in the United States, as Head of theTechnical and Design Department for Ingersoll Rand, and whose heirs have continued to run this family business with renewed enthusiasm.

In our factory, we undertake soldering for iron, steel, aluminum, zinc, brass, copper, bronze, cast iron and alloys but we don't weld zama. We specialise in the design and implementation of metal joints, standard and custom-built, for exhaust gas, flanged joints with fixed or swivel flanges, silencers for industrial diesel engines, generator sets, marine engines, earth moving machinery and galvanised or stainless steel flexible double seamed tubes for exhaust gas. We manufacture objets d'art and furniture with wrought iron or other materials.

Contact us for more details about the services offered and request a customised quotation.

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